recent podcasts

Soul Radiant Radio with Lauren McMullen


In this episode Lauren McMullen & I speak about the beauty in integrating science & spirituality. She has always been strong in science, but left her job as a Physician’s Assistant because she wasn’t able to also use her natural intuitive healing gifts in a field of Western Medicine.

Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos


In this epic episode of Visionary Souls, we jammed on…

  • How we first met in this lifetime and how Sydney triggered me
  • Lessons in discernment
  • What required release in order to receive 
  • Our experience in our Mt. Shasta immersion and how I came to realize I am meant to bridge the healing world
  • Lessons in a life partnership and how Chris is my biggest lesson and my greatest gift
  • My love of supporting other beings, my soul service and my favorite ways to support clients

free masterclass


In this previously recorded Masterclass you will:

* Understand the science behind limiting beliefs and how our bodies respond to those beliefs

* Learn to recognize your own limiting and learned perceptions or beliefs

* Harness practices to become an observer of those beliefs and techniques in how to reframe them

* Watch and experience an example of 1:1 coaching to facilitate greater understanding and application of shifting your own perceptions to bring greater fulfillment, happiness, and peace within your own life!