What is Reiki?

Everything is made of energy. Reiki is the universal energy that is accessible to all living things. During a Reiki session, the practitioner acts as a conduit between this universal energy and the client, facilitating the natural flow of energy between the two. Reiki is administered through the hands of the practitioner, in either a gentle laying of hands, or hands slightly above the client, with the client fully clothed on a massage table. Sessions can last any length of time, however, anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour and a half are most typical. 


What are the benefits of Reiki?

When the natural energy flow within the body is low, sluggish, or even dense, it is less easy to overcome the stress of the modern day. Overtime this may lead to lack of sleep or even dis-ease. Reiki is a practice that restores the flow of your natural energy to promote feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and wholeness, which ultimately facilitates the body’s natural healing process. 


What can I expect from a Reiki Session?

Immediately following a session, most clients report feeling “lighter”. Reiki has been documented to aide with upset stomach, insomnia, headaches, stress, and other minor conditions. In addition, Reiki can encourage emotional well-being by discharging feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, and other uncomfortable feelings we all face; restoring this energy with feelings of self-confidence, serenity, and a connection to your higher self. 

Available One-time Sessions

Reiki Testimonials

Alexa, Plattsburgh, NY

She’s professional, genuine and present. I had my first session a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the subtleties of reiki. I’m so curious to keep learning more about the power and understanding of my energies! Thank you Angelica 

Sarah, Utica, NY

I had a session with Angelica last night and it was so amazing! I left feeling very relaxed, refreshed, and light. The session definitely helped to clear up some darker energies that had found a way to store themselves inside me and return light & love into those spaces. The best way for me to describe the experience is as an internal cleansing, similar to the external feeling you get from stepping out from a much needed shower and you feel refreshed/brand new, but for your soul!

Ari, Utica, NY

Angelica is absolutely wonderful. After experiencing a reiki session, a beautiful cacao ceremony and digging into my “records” - I couldn’t recommend Angelica at Angel’s Lighthouse enough. She has created a warm and relaxing setting that feels close to home. You will leave your appointment feeling lighter and recharged. Highly recommend.